Producer Dutra Family
Farm/Mill Fazenda Dutra
Cultivar Red & Yellow Catuai
Process Natural
Location São João do Manhuaçu, Matas De Minas
Altitude 1400 masl
Harvest May - August


Expect notes of Cocoa, Toffee, Brazil Nut.

Brazil Decaf 250gr

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  • The Dutra family farm was started by José Dutra Sobrinho, known as Zeca. From 1950 to 1999, when he left the farm to his sons Walter and Ednilson, he built the farm from one hectare up to an incredible 300 hectares of coffee. Through incredibly tireless work, the family has created a farm that captures the signature Brazilian cup profile of chocolatey and sweet coffee.

    Brazil is one of the great coffee-producing countries. Rumours of a frost or bad weather will literally move the international prices of coffee. A core part of what makes Brazil so successful in coffee is that it has a signature flavour profile: dark chocolate and sweet nuttiness is so common in coffee, it has become the flavour we remember coffee for.